Advisory Group of Zeiteninsel meets in Germany

On November 29, the Scientific Advisory Group of EXARC member Zeiteninsel (DE) convened. Several EXARC members are represented in this, including AFM Oerlinghausen and Wikinger Museum Haithabu. The EXARC director too, is member of this group. The advisory group visited the site of the new prehistoric archaeological open-air museum where they discussed the first reconstructed building on site: a Stone Age Rössener Longhouse. Following on that, we spent much time on the new multi-purpose building which includes the entrance, shop and coffee corner, but of course also most modern facilities like offices and the technical services. This was extremely important to go through – Zeiteninsel should not start with a simple solution which later, in the haste of time, does not get changed into something more sustainable and useful. The Advisory Group also discussed other themes which will take up much time in 2018 but are needed to ensure the success of Zeiteninsel.