Fortidslandsbyen Landa (NO)

At Landa, In the 1980s and 90s, over 250 houses were excavated in one of the largest excavation campaigns of Norway. This area was in extensive use from Bronze Age well into the Viking Age. The project "Fortidslandsbyen Landa på Forsand" has three reconstructed houses.

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The Bronze Age longhouse from about 1000 BC is divided into two parts and is constructed with wattle and daub walls and a straw roofing.

The Guild Hall would typically fit in the Migration period (350 – 600 AD). This was the seat of the chief and had a large hall with feast table and a long fire place, both for worldly and religious celebrations. The hall was also home to the leading family of the village.

The smithy also fits in the Migration Period. This was the workshop to create and repair iron tools and weapons. The little workshop consists of a working area and a living area.

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