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Experimental Archaeology

Hay is for Horses: Making and Using a Traditional-Style Irish Straw Harness

Rena Maguire 1 ✉,
Robert Johnston 2
The lack of metal lorinery in the archaeological record of early medieval Ireland is addressed through a hypothesis that post-Iron Age bridles were made of straw and rushes, which did not survive deposition. Reconstruction and testing of a straw bridle show the material to be strong and quite suitable for vernacular use.

The production of Roman metal screw threads - extended version

David Sim 1 ✉,
Chris Legg 2
During the Roman period, small metal screw threads were used both as fastenings and to impart motion. This paper, which is an extended version of my previous article, will show that it is possible to produce metal screw threads using very simple technology. The tools and expertise to carry out this work is...

An Experimental Approach to Baking Ancient Roman Placenta

Jake Morton 1 ✉,
Ellen Schlick 2
Cato The Elder (234-149 BC) wrote our oldest extant work of continuous Latin prose, On Farming (de agri cultura), a how-to guide for farming and life that also included many recipes. We were interested in the section on bread recipes in this text, particularly the recipe for the complex, layered placenta due to...