American River College (US)

American River College (ARC) is a state-funded community college, part of the Los Rios Community College District, which also includes Cosumnes River College, Folsom Lake College, and Sacramento City College. ARC offer associate degrees, vocational training programs, continuing education courses, and non-credit personal enrichment programs.

American River College is a community college and not a university. Their curriculum is primarily to allow students to complete the first two years of their degree requirements and then transfer to a university (mostly the University of California or the California State University systems) to finish up. ARC teaches a basic introductory archaeology class and an ancient technologies class. Depending on who’s teaching them, these two and a couple of other classes ("Native Peoples of North America" and "Indians of California”) may allow students to do an experimental project. 


This degree provides students with basic skills in critical analysis, application of the scientific method, and cross-cultural understanding. Physical and cultural anthropology, including introductory courses, archeology and world prehistory, cultures, and current issues in anthropology.

Experimental Archaeology

ANTH 321 Ancient Technology is a course which examines technological capabilities of pre-industrial societies using ethnographic and archaeological examples and an experimental approach. Topics include construction techniques of temporary and permanent structures, pottery construction, glassmaking, metallurgy, textile production, as well as bone, stone, wood, and other technologies crucial to human survival. Field trips may be required.

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