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Experimental Archaeology

Hard Fun: Further Discussions on an Undergraduate Project to (Re)Construct and Fire a Medieval Tile Kiln

Gaynor Wood 1
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This experiment, undertaken over a 12-month period in 2015 at Norton Priory Museum in Cheshire, formed part of a pedagogic case study and an experimental archaeology project. Here eight Archaeology and 12 Ceramics students from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) researched, built, and fired a tile kiln using evidence from previous experimental archaeology projects on the site and other firing projects...

Leave your Stamp: Reconstruction of the Scarab Production Chain

Natasha Solodenko-Vernovsky 1 ✉,
Noa Ranzer 2,3,
Alex Kuklin 3,
Inbar Meyerson 3,
Evgeny Gasin 4,
Ido Koch 3
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Scarabs were the most common type of seal-amulet in Egypt and the southern Levant during the second millennium BC, spanning the Levantine Middle and Late Bronze Ages (Keel, 2004, pp.73–101; Ben-Tor, 2007, p.119).