Universität Zürich (CH)

The Department of Archeology at the University of Zurich has an affiliated experimental archaeology group named ExperimentA (https://www.experimentarch.ch). The group runs experimental-archaeological projects, engages in public transfer (cf. images of the 2017 "Scientifica" science fair in Zurich), and is present in basic teaching modules of the study programs with experimental and empirical themes. 

From autumn 2020, specific experimental teaching modules such as exercises with material techniques and chaînes opératoires (metal, flint, textiles, wood etc.) will be part of the study programs. Moreover, BA and MA students have the possibility to choose experimental-archaeological topics for their qualification thesis, and PhD students are invited to participate in interdisciplinary research projects, or launch their own initiatives. Visibility of experimental archaeology at the UZH is enhanced by web presence, posters in the department, and special information meetings for (new) students. ExperimentA can be contacted at: kontakt@experimenta.ch

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