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EAS is the Swiss platform for the promotion of experimental archaeology across all eras and disciplines. With activities, she unites the scientific experiment, the cultural mediation, as well as the production of replicas.


At the same time, EAS fosters interdisciplinary and inter-institutional cooperation with national and international partners. The primary goal of EAS is to anchor experimental archaeology as a scientific discipline with high quality standards in research, teaching and mediation.

The association was founded in 1993 and constituted in 1998. The approximately 100 members include institutions and organizations, professional archaeologists, specialized craftsmen, as well as those interested in experimental archaeology. The variety of activities of the club members is correspondingly large: they range from bronze casting and metalworking to working with wood for the manufacture of equipment and buildings, the processing of plant fibres, flint knapping, ceramic production, the production of hunting weapons, lime burning, making fire and pitch until the investigation of cremations. Many members are also engaged in teaching their acquired knowledge concerning craft techniques and scientific experiments.

EAS is a scientific-cultural association and promotes:
- Experimental archaeology in science, research and teaching;
- Dissemination of the results of experimental archaeology and transfer of the knowledge of historical techniques
- The development and implementation of quality standards for experimentation, cultural mediation and replication in the field of experimental archaeology;
- Networking and exchange between members;
- Interdisciplinary and inter-institutional cooperation;
- The national and international exchange of information.

Source Image: Katrin Schäppi, EAS

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