Riding High

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Dr Rena Maguire

EXARC Member: Dr Rena Maguire (UK)
Rena Maguire is a visiting researcher at Queen's University Belfast, where her research focuses on equestrianism in Ireland in the Late Iron Age and Early Medieval period. She specialises in the material culture associated with horse riding practices, and is particularly interested in using this material as a means to investigate the level of interaction that Late Iron Age Irish society had with mainland Europe... Read More

Joakim Løvgren

Joakim Løvgren (DK)
Joakim Løvgren is one of the founders of EquiAstra, which offers a range of training services – both modern and historic - related to horse riding, and is a historian specialised in Late Medieval equestrianism. His work investigates historic equestrian theory, as well as artistic depictions of horse riding from the past, and how these styles can be practically replicated today.