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Claus Kropp

EXARC Member: Claus Kropp (DE)
Claus Kropp is the Project Coordinator for A Year on the Field and currently also manages the Lauresham Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology, in Germany, one of the participating organisations in the project. Claus has a background in medieval history, focussing particularly on medieval agriculture, and also a passionate interest in ox-driving, which he partakes in both professionally and personally... Read More
Pete Watson Pete Watson (US)
Pete Watson is a representative of Howell Living History Farm, a facility of the Mercer County Park Commission. The Farm is based in the USA and is a participating organisation in A Year on the Field exploring the agricultural practices of the region circa 1900. The farm is also open to the public and plays an important role giving visitors the chance to see for themselves how food and farming functioned in the past.