History in Bite-Sized Chunks

Meet our Guests
Maeve L'Estrange EXARC Member: Maeve L'Estrange cand. PhD (IE)
Maeve L’Estrange is a PhD candidate at University College Dublin investigating food, culture, and identity in medieval Ireland from the 13th to 16th centuries, focusing especially on the culinary aspect of breadmaking. She also writes a regular column for the Dublin Enquirer describing how to cook a variety of medieval dishes... Read more
Farrell Monaco EXARC Member: Farrell Monaco (US)
Farrell Monaco is an MA candidate at the University of Leicester whose research centres on foodways, food preparation, food technologies, bread and bakeries in the Roman Mediterranean. She publishes recipes and food archaeology articles on her award-winning blog Tavola Mediterranea. Farrell also holds regular presentations and workshops in museum, educational, and private settings, focusing on cooking in the Greco-Roman world... Read more