Walk on the Wild Side

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Meet our Guests
Markus Klek Markus Klek (DE)
Markus Klek is an independent researcher focussing on indigenous and prehistoric skin processing technologies, as well as related work in bone, antler and ivory tools. He has published three books on leather and leather related technologies, and has run a successful business centring on prehistoric leatherworking, Palaeotechnik, since 1996. Markus has recreated a range of Palaeolithic and contemporary leather-based clothing and shoes.

Doug Meyer

EXARC Member: Doug Meyer (US)
Doug Meyer has explored ancient technologies for more than 30 years after finding inspiration at a primitive technology demonstration at a summer college. Doug has since explored many aspects of early cultures, including flint knapping, archery and blowgun technology, and has considerable experience in brain tanning and leather work. He also has experience creating replicas and in teaching his skills to others... Read More