All in the Same Boat

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Meet our Guests
Tríona Sørensen EXARC Member: Tríona Sørensen (DK)
Dr Tríona Sørensen is an experimental archaeologist currently working as a curator at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. As part of her work at the museum, she is involved in the documentation and research surrounding several reconstruction projects in the museum’s boatyard... Read More
Dr John Cooper John Cooper (UK)
Dr John Cooper is a maritime archaeologist and ethnographer working at the university of Exeter. His current research focus is on boatbuilding practices in East Africa, specifically looking at the development of maritime technology and practice of communities from late antiquity to the present day. His principal research interests include vernacular boatbuilding technologies, maritime cultural landscapes, travel and navigation, and maritime heritage, which he examines through archaeological, textual, and ethnographic perspectives.