Raising Hair

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Janet Stephens

EXARC Member: Janet Stephens (US)
I am a professional hairdresser and experimental archaeologist specializing in the recreation of ancient Roman, Greek and other archaic hairstyles. I use period appropriate tools and techniques and live models. I study surviving art works, portraiture, artifacts, and primary sources to understand the mechanics and role of ancient hair care and grooming in historical, social and cultural context. I began my research in 2001... Read More

Dorothee Olthof

EXARC Member: Dorothee Olthof (NL)
I have studied Prehistory at Leiden University and got my master's degree there. After a few years of excavating I turned my attention to archaeology & education. First as a prehistoric inhabitant of Archeon and coordinator of the prehistoric part there, from 2007 onwards with my own company for archaeology & education, PRAE. A wide range of activities keeps me busy and happy... Read More