Have Beans, Will Travel

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Timothy Baumann EXARC Member: Timothy Baumann (US)
Timothy Baumann is the lead investigator on the project. His research interests in experimental archaeology focus mainly on prehistoric and historic foodways, pottery and tools from the south-eastern United States, which is where the idea for the project came from. Tim is also the former director the University of Tennessee’s Laboratory of Environmental Archaeology and Curator of Archaeology at the University of Tennessee’s McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture... Read More
Eleanora Reber Eleanora Reber (US)
Eleanora Reber is a Professor of Archaeology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and Interim Chair of the International Studies Department. She is also a specialist in organic residue analysis and her lab, the UNCW Pottery Residue Lab is a dedicated facility for gas chromatography – mass spectrometry analysis of absorbed and visible pottery residue analysis. Nora has research interests in plant domestication and agriculture, and she plays an important role in the project as lead in absorbed residue analysis.


While in the podcast Tim and Nora discuss the broader background and context of their research you can examine their experiments in detail by watching the presentation below. A step-by-step overview gives a thorough insight in the approach they took as well as (possible) outcomes of the project.