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Discussion: Inclusivity in historical interpretation: Who has access and who is erased?

Andrea Mariani 1,2,3 ✉,
Sverre Christoffer Guldberg 4,
Sophie Jorgensen-Rideout 5,
Vera Bos ,
Paul Edward Montgomery Ramírez 7
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The discussion of ‘authenticity’ in living history has been one of the main themes since the conception of contemporary historical interpretation. Our quest for authenticity should, in my opinion start with a thoughtful discussion: What goal do we want to reach through living history?...

Discussion: The Concept of Authenticity in Collections of Open-Air Museums

Joerie van Sister 1 ✉,
Marc van Hasselt 1,
Thit Birk Petersen 2,
Lara Comis 3,
Maura Stefani 4,
David Freeman 5,
Sverre Christoffer Guldberg 6,
Randi Stoltz 7,
Henrik Zipsane 8,
Léontine Meijer-van Mensch 9,
Martin Schmidt 10,
John Ertl 11,
Thomas Bloch Ravn 12,
Nigel Copsey 13
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How is it possible that if you go into an arts museum, the ceramics you see may be made yesterday and may be a valued and legitimate part of the museum collection, while in open-air museums, a similar object ...

Discussion: Working with Knives in Archaeological Open-Air Museums

Sally Pointer 1 ✉,
Aidan O'Sullivan 2,
Lasse van den Dikkenberg 3,
Roeland Paardekooper 4,
David Freeman 5,
Renate Greiner 6,
Pascale Barnes 7,
Håkan Lindström 8,
Katy Whitaker 9,
Luke Winter 10,
Antonis Vlavogilakis 11,
Bill Schindler 12,13
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This is an extract from a lengthy and lively Facebook discussion in the Archaeological Open Air Museums group, started on the 5th of February 2016 by Roeland Paardekooper, at that time in the...

Discussion: Experimental versus Experiential Archaeology

Edwin Deady 1,
E. Giovanna Fregni 2 ✉,
Alexander Stewart 3,
Tine Schenck 4,
Chris Thomas 5,
Kate Verkooijen 6,
Sonja Natus 7,
Merryn Dineley 8
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This is an extract from a lengthy and lively Facebook discussion in the Experimental Archaeology group, illustrating the main points as it took place between 16 August 2014 and 22 August 2014. The full discussion can be found at:

Discussion: Food - Reconstruction and the Public

Thit Birk Petersen 1 ✉,
Aidan O’Sullivan 2,
John Majerle 3,
Gary Ball 4,
Edwin Deady 5,
Torsten Neuer 6,
Miika Vanhapiha 7,
Darell Markewitz 8,
Olaf Trollheimsfjord 9,
Vicky Shearman 10,
Del Elson 11,
Daniel Serra 12
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For a BBC program in 1954, Sir Mortimer Wheeler tasted a reconstruction of the Tollund Man’s last supper, which turned out to be a tasteless mush. This led him to announce: "I believe that the poor chap of Tollund committed suicide because he could stand his...

Discussion: Archaeological Reconstruction in Situ

John H. Jameson 1,2,3,4,
Wulf Hein 5 ✉,
Hannah Simons 6,
Heather Hopkins 7,
Paul Bidwell 8,
Hans Trauner 9,
Marquardt Lund 10,
Renger Elburg 11,
Gary Ball 12,
Martin Müller 13
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A view of John H. Jameson (USA)

At historic sites, monuments, and parks, the process of effective interpretation allows each visitor to find an opportunity to personally connect with a resource or place. Each individual may connect to the place in a different way, and some may not connect immediately, but everyone should have an opportunity to explore how that special site or place is meaningful to them.