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International Obsidian Conference

Organised by: 
Hungarian National Museum (HNM)
Event date: 
Monday, 27 May, 2019 to Wednesday, 29 May, 2019
Kind of Event: 
for Public

EmeSe Várispánság (HU)

EmeSe (European Medieval Settlement) has as main goal to promote the history and customs of the medieval Árpád-age to the wider audience with the help of professionals (archaeologists, historians, etc.) and experimental archaeology and historical reconstruction...

Experimental Archaeology, Theory and practice

Event date: 
Monday, 10 April, 2017 to Friday, 14 April, 2017
Kind of Event: 
for Professionals

Book Review: The Art of Prehistoric Textile Making: The Development of Craft Traditions and Clothing in Central Europe by Karina Grömer

Raylene McCalman (US)
Textile research has made significant advances in recent years as new technologies and methods are developed, tested, and applied to the analyses of archaeological textiles. The FWF-Project1, a collaborative research effort involving researchers and artists from institutions in Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany, engaged in ...

Iron Smelting Camp (HU)

Organised by: 
Adam Thiele
Event date: 
Wednesday, 1 July, 2015 to Sunday, 5 July, 2015
Kind of Event: 
for Professionals

Sóstói Open Air Museum (HU)

The Sosto ethnographic open air museum displays the typical buildings and activities of XIX century Eastern Hungarian village life.

Ópusztaszer National Historical Heritage Park (HU)

In the National Hungarian Heritage park of Opusztaszer, some (re)constructions lead the visitor to behold the roots of the Magyar identity.

Történelmi Temapark (HU)

The Történelmi Temapark is a theme park on military history from the roman times onwards.

Interview: Scientific tools applied within archaeology and historical re-enactment: Dr Gábor Szőllősy on the implementation of experimental archaeology in Hungary

Márta Pócza (HU)
Dr Gábor Szőllősy is an agricultural engineer and councillor museologist at the Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, Budapest. His specialist fields at the Museum are: livestock-farming, livestock registry, carriage vehicles, harnesses, fine arts and the numismatics collection. His PhD thesis was published in 1995...

Interview: Ancient Hoplitikon "Poorer Cousin" to History Academia or alternative XXI Century interpretation of history?

Márta Pócza (HU)
I liaise with a number of living history groups globally, which all share the same aims and objectives of researching and actively pursuing experimental archaeology related to Ancient Greece and Rome. By networking, we create a foundation of knowledge that meets our framework for understanding the past, whether it be military martial arts, polytheism...


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