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Archaeological Complex Myssle (SK)

We try to present the public with the results of dozens of archaeological seasons through the replicas of the h

Book Review: The Art of Prehistoric Textile Making: The Development of Craft Traditions and Clothing in Central Europe by Karina Grömer

Raylene McCalman (US)
Textile research has made significant advances in recent years as new technologies and methods are developed, tested, and applied to the analyses of archaeological textiles. The FWF-Project1, a collaborative research effort involving researchers and artists from institutions in Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany, engaged in ...

Archeoskanzen Praveká osada Mokrý Kút (SK)

The village Vyšný Kubín is situated on north Slovakia region – dolná Orava (lower Orava).

Archeopark Živá archeológia Hanušovce (SK)

The Archeopark illustrates with five dwellings the history of the region from the Palaeolithic to the Early Middle Ages.

The Reconstruction of the Danubian Neolithic House and the Scientific Importance of Architectural Studies

Anick Coudart (US)

1987 ESF Proceedings
The 1980s was the beginning of a boom in the construction of archaeologically inspired buildings inside and outside archaeological open-air museums.
***"A topic of research both particularly fertile and constraining because it demands the one never - except provisionally - separates the material from the social and the mental" Isac Chiva 1987

Archeologické museum v prírode Liptovská Mara-Havránok (SK)

In the area of Havránok and Liptovská Mara, archaeological research is ongoing since 1965, led by Dr Karol Pieta form the Institute of Archaeology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences...

Mock-up Presentation of the Gate Tower to the Hill Fort at Liptovská Mara

Oto Makýš (SK)

The author (Dr Oto Makýš from Department of Building Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia) discusses the importance of including maintenance costs while planning an experimental construction based on the example of Lip­tov­­­­ská Mara...

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