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Dublinia Heritage Centre (IE)

Dublinia heritage centre, a subsidiary company of the Medieval Trust serves as custodian of Viking and Medieval Dublin. Dublinia exhibits, promotes and displays the tangible and intangible culture and heritage through experiential reconstructions, best practice exhibitions and multi-sensory public engagement events...

Legion Ireland - The Roman Military Society of Ireland (IE)

We are Legion Ireland – The Roman Military Society of Ireland. Based in Ireland, we are a living history and re-enactment society dedicated to portraying the Roman Army in the first and second century’s A.D. We portray all aspects of military life...

Erve Eme (NL)

At Erve Eme we bring back the past using re-enactment and living history. Our goal is to stimulate the (educational) interest in the local and regional history and development of human society in relation to the natural environment...

Center for Experimental Archaeology (HR)

Center for Experimental Archaeology is a non-profit organization with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. It was established for development, improvement and promotion of experimental archaeology and experimental approaches to the study of material and immaterial cultural heritage...

The Wilderness Trust: Out of Eden Project (UK)

The Wilderness Trust's project, Out of Eden, investigates the origins of farming and Neolithic culture in the UK through practical experimentation. This is in its early stages, carried out entirely with volunteer labour on a 50 acre site in mid-Wales.

Twentieth Legion - Legio XX (US)

The Twentieth Legion was founded in 1991 to recreate the soldiers and world of the Roman Army for public demonstrations and living history displays. Our weapons, armour, and accoutrements are all carefully researched, and constructed at our own expense...

Paleoes - eXperimentalTech archeoDrome (IT)

We want to work for the development, preservation, protection and fruition of cultural heritage,

EmCadeamentos (PT)

At EmCadeamentos we dedicate ourselves to promote and disseminate the historical heritage, with the intention of value it. Minding this, we gathered a group of historians, archaeologists and other professionals that combining their theoretical knowledge to their practical skills; promote cultural activities with a real historical foundation.

UCD Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture (IE)

The Centre for Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture (CEAMC) at University College Dublin, Ireland, established since 2012, is one of the only specifically designed and dedicated, on-campus university facilities in the world for experimental archaeology and material culture studies.

Material Culture Studies, Leiden University (NL)

Leiden University (founded in 1575) is one of Europe's leading international research-intensive universities. This prominent position gives our graduates an advantage when applying for positions both within and outside the academic world.


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