Calendar of Events

The Children’s Viking day

open for all

The activities during the Children’s Viking day are directed towards the children, but the whole family is of course more than welcome! The children will get to try out Viking age handicrafts and activities, and also listen to exciting stories among other things!

When: the last Sunday in August, 12:00h - 15:00h
Entrance: Children under 3 years: Free of charge, Children between 3 and 15: 70kr. Adults: 35kr

What do we do during a Children’s Viking day?
During our Children’s viking day you can try out and learn from Vikings when they do their handicrafts in the village. You will meet Blacksmiths, Warriors (Housecarls), Tailors and other craftsmen. For example you can try the blacksmiths hammer, create something out of wool, make a glass bead or why not bake you own flatbread over the open fire? During certain times of the day you will hear the horn blower’s horn. That is the signal indicating something special is about to happen! It could be a display of Viking games, singing and music, lectures or maybe the storyteller will tell an exciting story.
The museum have several reconstructed buildings and soroundings that creates an authentic atmosphere in the village. Several more houses is on the rise aswell. Inside the exhibition hall you can read about the Vikings everyday life and also watch reconstructed items and models. Inside the hall there is also a café with light refreshments. Something else that contributes a lot to the atmosphere is the beautiful scenery of the lake that surrounds the village.

In walking distance from the village there is an Inn, a Pizzeria and even a nice child friendly beach where you can swim.

Example of some happenings for the whole family that usually occur:
# Viking games
# Singing & music
# Storytelling
# Viking Age handicrafts
# Café & souvenir sales