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Crafting A Drinking Horn with Silver Mounting

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Insights into an old craft technique

Elaborately decorated drinking horns are a common addition to rich burials. Silver fittings once adorned the rims of the drinking horns of influential figures. While the horn itself wears away over time, the metal detailing remains. Silver drinking horn fittings were found in the chamber grave of a cavalry warrior in Thumby-Bienebek as well as in the rich female burial in chamber grave 5 in Haithabu. Look over Matthias Barkmann's shoulder this weekend as he chisels a silver drinking horn fitting with Viking Age ornamentation based on a historical model.

The museum car park is at Haddebyer Noor 3. The event will take place in the outdoor area at the Viking houses in Haithabu. Therefore, please allow about 20 minutes to walk from the museum car park to the houses.

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