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Gudvangen Viking Market

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After a successful story of organising Viking Markets the Viking Village of Njardarheimr, located in beautiful Gudvangen, will yet again open its gates to hundreds of Vikings from all over the world. Between the 14th and the 19th of July 2020 Gudvangen will truly become a Viking Valley as hundreds of dedicated individuals try their best to bring the exciting history of the Vikings back from the past.

Visitors will be able to enjoy watching Viking age crafts, fight shows, dance to ancient beats and maybe get that broadsword they have always been dreaming about. The theme this year will be Boats and Burials allowing everyone to explore the mysterious world of life and death in the Viking age. But not to worry! It doesn’t matter if you are a thousand winters old or only five, everyone will be able to enjoy the Viking market. So pack your chainmail and prepare your longboat and sail over to the Valley this summer to enjoy an experience a thousand years in the making; the Vikings are waiting!

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