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Summer Solstice

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Since ancient times, man has worshiped the sun and followed its journey from early spring to late summer. The summer solstice celebrates fertility, love and the return of summer. Welcome to Vitlycke museum on June 21 for an evening of tribute to the sun.

We start the celebration on June 21, at 13.00, with maja (praise) Maja, our midsummer pole, according to old local Bohuslän tradition. At At 17.30 we leave our Maja in Bronsåldersgården. At 18.00 there will be pole dancing to the tunes of Swing Tarturo. 

Afterwards (approx. 6.45 p.m.) torchlight procession to the sacrificial bog.

At dusk, the line between the world of man and the realm of the supernatural is thinner than usual and nature flows with magical powers. We end with a torchlight procession to the sacrificial bog where beings and goddesses from bygone times hide in the mist. 

Welcome to share a magical evening with us.