Calendar of Events

Viking Weekend

Kind of Event
Market / Fair
Organised by
the Netherlands

Visit the Viking encampment and browse the market stalls. The Viking festival is this year for the 25th time!

There are plenty of stalls selling everything from historical jewelery to clothing, soap to honey wine, weaponry to toys. Also wood burning, silver braiding, clothing, shoes, needlebinding, glass and small leatherwork, beads and fabrics. The Vikings do not like to sit still, they like to talk about daily life in the early Middle Ages. At the weekend they give a demonstration of the different weapons and clothing that were used and worn by the Vikings. The Vikings are industrious farmers, skilled craftsmen, shrewd traders, brave fighters and above all fearless explorers. Several encampments can be seen this weekend. 

The Vikings have left a lot of impression to this day. Many place names, especially in England, therefore come from the Scandinavian language. Jewelry and utensils used by the Vikings have been found all over Europe. People also wrote about the Vikings. The English thought them strange – before a big battle they spent hours washing themselves, combing their hair and braiding beards. The Vikings believed that if they died in battle, they could go to Valhalla. A place where there was eternal partying and fighting. And then you better dress up a little!