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the Netherlands

The Vikings are coming...

This Ascension Vikings from all over Europe gather in Eindhoven. This year you will not be able to see them in action for 3, but even 4 days in battle, questioning them or rummaging through their merchandise: from May 26 to 29, the pre-Historic Village is the land of the Vikings.

Dive into the world of the early Middle Ages with the Vikings. Discover exotic jewellery, Arctic skins, Scandinavian clothing and real Viking weapons at the trade stalls. Stroll along the various stalls full of authentic products. You can find what the Vikings used to make here!

For the action lovers, fights between the Vikings can be seen in the arena. Prefer something more peaceful? There are plenty of craftsmen who are only too happy to show their work in person.

Want to experience it yourself? Visit the oldest Viking festival in the Netherlands for one or more days.