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Winter Evening in Haithabu

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On the long winter evenings, the residents of Haithabu gathered around the warming fire. Stories of sea voyages to distant lands circulated and anecdotes and sagas of heroes and gods were told. This winter evening at the Viking houses is entirely in keeping with this tradition. The evening journey through time begins at the north gate, where you will be greeted by Vikings and escorted to the houses. After a short tour of the houses, you are invited to listen to stories from Nordic sagas and anecdotes from the Viking Age by the warming fire with flatbread and apple punch and to immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of a winter evening in a Viking house.

The meeting point is the parking lot at the north gate in Busdorf. Parking here is only possible for registered participants. The event takes place at the Viking houses Haithabu. Please note that the return journey to the car park (approx. 400m) takes place in the dark. Make sure you have warm, appropriate clothing.

Since the event takes place around an open fire inside a house, heavy smoke and therefore odors are unavoidable. Please keep this in mind when choosing your clothing. The event may not be suitable for people with respiratory problems.

For organizational reasons, registration is absolutely necessary!

+49 (0) 4621 813 122, or online

Length of time 120 minutes
Cost 20€

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