Gene Fornby - the Ancient Village of Gene

Carl L. Thunberg
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The archaeological open-air museum Gene Fornby (The Ancient Village of Gene - author’s translation) is an archaeological reconstruction completed in 1991 that is based on the excavation of a nearby ancient settlement dated mainly to the Roman Iron Age and the Migration Period. For many years now, the politicians of the City Council of Örnsköldsvik have been debating on the ‘use’ of...

Discussion: Archaeological Reconstruction in Situ

John H. Jameson
Wulf Hein
Hannah Simons
Heather Hopkins
Paul Bidwell
Hans Trauner
Marquardt Lund
Gary Ball
Martin Müller
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Archaeological reconstruction in situ has been a hot item over the years. Spring 2011, a conference was devoted to this, in Calafell, Catalonia. Is interpreting a site’s past only possible at that site itself? Is a site better off without reconstruction and interpretation because it only damages...