A place where people live, such as a group of houses or village; a community.

The Creation of an Experimental Camp of Protohistory at the Iberian Settlement of Estinclells (Verdú, Urgell, Catalonia)

Jordi Morer De Llorens
Ramon Cardona Colell
Conxita Ferrer Alvarez
Cristina Garcia Dalmau
Josep Pou Vallès
David Asensio I Vilaró
Oriol Saula I Briansó
Natàlia Alonso Martínez
Publication Date
The idea to create the Experimental Camp of Protohistory (CEP) emerged in late 2009. It was set up in a field adjacent to the Iberian Culture settlement of Estinclells (Verdú, Urgell), an archaeological site with only one phase of occupation that offers an exceptional portrait of life in the third century BC...

Gene Fornby - the Ancient Village of Gene

Carl L. Thunberg
Publication Date
The archaeological open-air museum Gene Fornby (The Ancient Village of Gene - author’s translation) is an archaeological reconstruction completed in 1991 that is based on the excavation of a nearby ancient settlement dated mainly to the Roman Iron Age and the Migration Period. For many years now, the politicians of the City Council of Örnsköldsvik have been debating on the ‘use’ of...