The University of New England (AU)

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The University of New England has a well-earned reputation as one of Australia's great teaching, training and research universities. Through its leading role in the provision of distance education, UNE has contributed to the nation's development over more than half a century. Today, UNE is extending its global reach through the adoption of the latest communication technologies, and is recognised as an innovator in flexible online education.

Archaeology at UNE has a national and international reputation for research and teaching across a diverse range of areas. These include the discovery and description of the ‘hobbit’ (Homo floresiensis) in Indonesia, research into stone tool ‘design space’ and cognitive evolution, analysis of the history of commensal and domesticated animals, patterns of exchange in the Bronze Age of southern Arabia and the Near East, and the landscapes of global colonialism reflected in the 19th Century convict system in Australia.

Re-Creating an Aboriginal Earth Oven with Clayey Heating Elements: Experimental Archaeology and Paleodietary Implications

Maurizio Campanelli,
Jane Muir,
Alice Mora,
Daniel Clarke and
Darren Griffin (AUS)
Earth ovens may relate to different ancestral cooking techniques, serving specific needs and functions. In eastern and south-eastern Australia, they were a significant element of a thriving pre-colonial Aboriginal culture. However, today it is extremely rare to find such structures well preserved. Based on archaeological and historical records...

Interview: Ancient Hoplitikon, "Poorer Cousin" to History Academia or alternative XXI Century Interpretation of History?

Márta Pócza (HU)
I liaise with a number of living history groups globally, which all share the same aims and objectives of researching and actively pursuing experimental archaeology related to Ancient Greece and Rome. By networking, we create a foundation of knowledge that meets our framework for understanding the past, whether it be military martial arts, polytheism...