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Join prehistoric technology tutor Mark Havey for a chance to experience prehistoric life for a day and a night in the unique environment of Butser Ancient Farm.

This workshop involves an introduction to a wide range of ancient technologies and skills. You will be doing and making, not merely watching. Your ancient skills will be:

Flint knapping

Fire lighting

Cordage (twine) making

Plant glue use – all of which are Stone Age technologies

Saturday culminates with you using your new skills to create an effective flint-headed spear and hatchet. You will also be doing your own food preparation and cooking for over an open fire, using basic ingredients provided and your own recipe ideas.

In short, you will learn the skills you would need to keep yourself alive in the Neolithic world!

You will be part of a small group of people and in the evening you will sleep in one of the ancient houses at Butser Ancient Farm, with a simple breakfast to prepare you for your return to the modern world. Be aware this isn’t for modern softies! You will work hard, you will experience ancient life. There are no showers and we will turn off the mobile phones and get our hands dirty!


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