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Saturday 8 August and overnight to morning Sunday 9 August, Tutor Mark Havey



Join Mark Havey for a chance to experience prehistoric life for a day and a night. You will learn the skills you would need to keep yourself alive. Fire lighting, weapon making, and food preparation and have the chance to sleep in one of the ancient houses at Butser Ancient Farm. The workshop includes all meals, you will help to prepare your meals. You will be part of a small group of people who have had the chance to sleep in one of the ancient buildings at Butser. You will need to bring your own bedding and a torch.

In the morning, a simple breakfast will prepare you for your return to the modern world.

Be aware this isn't for softies! You will work hard, you will experience ancient life. There are no showers and we will turn off the mobile phones and get our hands dirty!

This workshop is designed for adults. 

The workshop runs from 10am Saturday to 9am Sunday. Workshops will always run no matter the weather, so please dress appropriately.