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The Art of Book Printing

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In week 32, we focus on the art of letterpress printing. Our staff and volunteers are skilled and passionate people, and some of them specialize in amazing subjects. Jorge, who is the Medieval Centre's marketing manager, has a passion for the early art of printing.

This has led him, together with one of our other employees Ben Woldring, to reconstruct a late 15th century printing press. There are no preserved printing presses from the Middle Ages, no drawings or other documentation of how they were built, and it is therefore difficult to reconstruct one. This press is based on drawings and records from the 16th century and is the best possible guess at what an early printing press (Gutenberg press) looked like.

Jorge has already printed several books on the press, and the whole process, the motivation behind and the sources can be read more about on his instagram @preloprints or the website .

There are not many reconstructions of the early printing presses in the world, and it is therefore quite unique that we can display this one - and that it can be seen in use.

The attentive reader will probably think that a late 15th century printing press and Sundkøbing anno 1412 are not quite contemporary - and that is quite correct. But we think it is such a fantastic craft, an exciting historical process that revolutionized the world of books, and a unique opportunity for our guests to experience the press in use, that this week we allow an anachronism.

We have therefore cleared the stall where the tailor usually is, so that Jorge can set up his printing press in week 32. During the week, he will demonstrate how it works and how Gutenberg's new techniques revolutionized book production in the Middle Ages.