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The Battle of Grolle

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De Slag om Grolle
the Netherlands

The Battle of Grolle is a three-day event where visitors go back in time to the year 1627. In the summer of that year, the State army led by Prince Frederik Hendrik arrives for 'the starcke city of Groll'. It is an event that briefly, but very emphatically, places the city at the center of national history. That is why this event is redesigned every two years. For three days, the streets were dressed up and brought back to 1627. Encampments, traders and crafts can be found around and in the city center. If you take a look at the encampments you will see everyday life. You see people cooking, sewing and preparing for battle, which can be seen every day. The siege of the fortress is re-enacted, with the Dutch troops closing in on the Spanish occupiers.

But reenactors can also be seen in the encampments: people who try to recreate a certain time period as accurately as possible. 1,500 come to Groenlo, all of whom are immersed in the Eighty Years' War. But the city center is also teeming with artists, brewers, craftsmen, vagrants and lepers...