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Bow Building old

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Course goal: Construction of a full-length, English longbow, more precisely a medieval longbow that bends in the handle; or on request also a flat bow.

Course content: Using simple tools - such as a drawing iron, rasp, scraper blade and sandpaper - the students will gradually learn or improve the processing of wood. In addition to the craft, there are theoretical excursions in the history of bow and bow making itself. Thus, the basics of bow and arrow construction, their physics, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various designs are discussed.

Historical background: With the end of the ice age bow and arrow gain in importance as a ranged weapon. People have been using bows for more than 10,000 years. Already in the Stone Age the technique of the bows was perfected, so that one could hardly produce a pure wood arch today even better. Proof of this is provided by the oldest bow finds in the world, the bows from Holmegaard (8,000 - 6,000 BC, Denmark).

Instructor: Peter Kolo
Course duration: 9-18 o'clock
Course costs: 210 Euro
Material contribution: 55 Euro - longbow blank made of hickory (other materials on request)