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Build a Mobile Clay Oven

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Course objective: Construction of a portable oven based on historical models.

Course content: With the natural clay material in a three-layer structure, we build an operational oven. The oven will have two openings in the front. One for the firing and charging of the furnace and one for the ventilation. There are stencils that are already coordinated with each other, which we fill with clay and which can be decorated with our own patterns. The surface of the stove can also be individually decorated and painted with natural colors. The oven is portable, it will weigh about 20-25 kilograms. The dimensions of the construction takes into account the size of standard barbecue accessories, e.g. racks, storage plates, baking plates, etc. as well as standard dimensions of frozen pizzas. During the course, a ready oven will be in operation, to demonstrate the heating and to bake meals in that are brought along.

Historical background: clay dome furnaces from the Neolithic period are demonstrated. The settling of people, which went hand in hand with agriculture and animal husbandry, also changed people's cooking habits. They no longer only worked with campfire sites and cooking pits, but with clay material used to build ovens with clay domes. Bread was e.g. baked in such clay dome ovens.

Course instructor: Fritz Ugrinovits
Course duration: 8 am to 5 pm
Course costs: 160 euros
Material costs: 75 euros