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The Colourful Middle Ages

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When you see finds from the Middle Ages in the museum display cases, you can easily get the impression that everything back then was in dull earth tones. But in fact the Middle Ages loved parties and colors at least as much as we do - it was in fact a very, very colorful time, and the brown, gray and dull colors we know from museums are only due to the fact that things are so old. The Middle Ages often couldn't help but decorate everything with gold leaf and sumptuous colors - if you were rich enough to do so.

This week there is an opportunity to get an insight into how exuberant the time could be when working with both book illustrations and cloth dyeing. Even writing could be both beautiful and colorful. Here you can hear about the colors the artists used, how paint was produced and how it was used - and you also get the opportunity to try your hand at parts of the work!