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Early Medieval Beer Brewing

Kind of Event

Leader: Philipp Overberg
Participation: from 16 years

Course size: 10-14 participants
Cost: € 95.00

People have been brewing beer for probably 10,000 years. In pre-industrial times, brewing beer was a common household activity, such as cooking and baking bread. In this seminar, we brew with the simplest equipment and techniques that were also available in an early medieval farmhouse. We use ingredients from the herb garden of the museum, among other things. Philipp Overberg, founder of the Gruthaus brewery in Münster, provides information about ingredients and recipes of historical beer styles and brings samples of historically inspired beers to the tasting. The seminar is equally suitable for beginners who want to learn home brewing as it is for advanced hobby brewers who want to learn about historical brewing practice.

In the interest of your safety, participants should wear sturdy shoes and closed trousers. Please also remember to bring some food.

Course 1 on 25th September, Course 2 on 26th September