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Elites in the Bronze Age

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Guided Tour

A special guided tour as part of the European Archaeology Days 

by Prof. Dr. Franz Schopper, state archaeologist and museum director

In Homer's epics, we encounter powerful royal houses, rich cities and warlike heroes, collectivememories of an early Mediterranean heyday: the Bronze Age. Archaeological evidence confirms the image of elites, splendour and turmoil in the eastern Mediterranean.

But how can we characterise the societies of the Bronze Age in our region? With the arrival of tin bronze around 2200 BC, more and more weapons appear in the archaeological material.

Daggers, staff daggers and swords are interpreted as both implements of war and status symbols. Richly furnished graves of men and women as well as hoards of bronzes, some of them exquisite, also reveal a Bronze Age upper class. The Seddin site is of outstanding importance: a monumental burial mound with an extraordinary burial and the recently discovered floor plan of a huge hall point to a Late Bronze Age centre of power in the Prignitz region in north-west Brandenburg.

Time: 11 am (meeting point is the museum foyer)
Costs: Adults €5, reduced € 3.50, children under 10 years free

Registration is requested: or call 03381 / 410 41 12 (Tue to Sun 10 am to 5 pm)