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Experimenting the Sarissa

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This 2-day event will take place in Leptokaryes village, Florina and will host a number of participants, most of which will be archaeologists, history-enthusiasts and re-enactors. 

The first day will focus on experimental archaeology as we will have the opportunity to test a number of issues regarding the use of the Macedonian pike (Sarissa) in the field:   

1. The mechanics of the "connecting tube" of the Sarissa, found by Andronikos M., using exact reconstructed replicas.

2. The endurance, accuracy and function of the longest version of the Sarissa (Polyaenus/Polybius) measuring 16 Cubits (7.68m) 

3. The function of European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) wood, as the shaft for different versions of the Sarissa's (measuring 16 , 14 and 10 Cubits)

4. The performance of the "small spear head" found by Andronikos M., as possible head of the Sarissa, using exact reconstructed replicas.

5. The comparative view between the "oblique" and "side-on" body posture of the Sarissa holder.

6. The use of the off-set single armband of the Phalangite shield.

7. The comparative view of the "splayed lowered pike advance" against the "paralel lowered pike advance".

In addition, on the second day, the event will host a session of living history, where we will have the opportunity to recreate and present a series of Macedonian, Carthaginian and Roman military units (4 Century BCE - 4 Century A.D). 

This is the outcome of a 3 year project and it will be the first time that the Greek audience will come across such an event.