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Fascination with Crafts: Dye Work

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The world is becoming more colorful! Immerse yourself in the world of colors!

Bettina Král  will show and explain the hard craft the dyers practiced and how they produced the individual colors on Saturday and Sunday, September 14th and 15th between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the Roman Villa Borg Archaeological Park.

Even the Romans decorated themselves with purple, indigo or mignonette! The historic Král dyeing factory from Tübingen is a guest at the Roman Villa Borg Archeology Park and shows how the Romans did it. Plants were used to produce color even in ancient times. Of course, slaves were not allowed to wear stately purple or bright mignonette yellow. “They had reserved a pale purple made from elderberries; it was cheap and easy to get,” says the expert. The saying “clothes make the man” was already valid among the Romans.

Bettina Král's natural dyeing factory from Tübingen has been around for over 18 years. She makes paint from plants and then uses it to dye fabrics, wool and cloths. From a neon yellow, which is achieved with dyer's wax (Reseda), to a red, which is dyed with madder (dyer's red) or with indigo, which gives a beautiful blue. All the wonderful natural colors can be conjured up with numerous herbs, roots, woods and flowers. Human history so far has not been gray and monotonous, but bright and colorful.