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Fascination with Craftsmanship: Forging

Kind of Event

On Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the blacksmith Jürgen “Schorsch” Graßler will show his skills in the workshops of the Roman Villa Borg.

Jürgen "Schorsch" Graßler shows and explains the antique blacksmith trade. He loves the dirty and not entirely safe work with the red-hot iron. After his training, "Schorsch der Schmied" acquired many new and old techniques, also through his traditional wanderings, which he is now bringing closer to the public. In addition to the modern design of objects, he also specializes in the reconstruction of antique and historical tools, weapons and everyday objects. He works as a blacksmith in his wife's company, but can also often be found at various events.

These special events are included in the villa entrance fee.