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The Horns of Hattin

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The Battle of Hattin: This year marks the 835th anniversary for one of the most significant and life-changing battles in the Middle Ages. Every year historical re-enactment group «Regnum Hierosolymitanum» (Jerusalem Kingdom) feign this epopoeia in the authentic landscape and conditions, similar to the original environment of this battle.

This project also represents the academical study of the experimental archeology of the battlefields. But beyond that, each participant can find his own self actualization in this project .

Peep into the past, in order to see the present, renew the process to affect the conclusion,

get through the event to…

Hour by hour, mile by mile, battle by battle, word by word, we are going through the last two days in the history of the Jerusalem Kingdom. The emotional intension of this drama and its impact goes far beyond the Middle Ages and in one way or another is still experienced by all the participants of the Great Symphony, that vibrates in the Holy Land for ages.

And the characters… each hero is worth the saga.

We will lose ourselves in that wonderful times, when the human art is not replaced by the collective trade, when shouting from a distance is considered unworthy, when the absolute loyalty and absolute liability are not the abstract concepts, when the kingdoms are ventured for the Fair Lady, when witches are strategic weapons, curse is a force and the Lost Paradise seems so close…

Welcome to the Middle Ages, dude!