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The Horns of Hattin

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Regnum Hierosolymitanum

Dear reenactors and lovers of Living History, we believe and hope that our event will take place this year as well. Since 2009, despite wars and epidemics, our project has never been interrupted. We continue to prepare with all our might and do everything possible to make the project better and more interesting. Of course, we will follow the requirements of Home Front Command. We welcome participants from all countries. We believe that our project makes our world a better place.

On this day and at this place, 837 years ago, the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem fell, changing the course of history for the region for many centuries. You have the opportunity to personally experience this drama.

The event takes place in the Living History format, on the anniversary of the battle, and in the authentic landscape. The project includes a two-day march, setting up two camps, a small festival, and a tournament that take place in the first camp in Sepphoris, and the final battle at the Horns of Hattin. According to their wishes and equipment (civilian or military), each participant can be mobilized into the army of Saladin or Guy de Lusignan. The event is mostly closed to the public. Access for spectators is only available at the festival on the first day and during the final battle. The project is volunteer-based and takes place with the support of local regional councils.

Participants have several opportunities during the event: to stay in the camp and not march, to walk the entire way or part of it, or to rent a horse for the entire route or part of it.

Deus Vult!

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