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How the House Was Built

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Czech Republic

During a visit to a Czech rural household in the early Middle Ages, we will learn about the ancient procedures and customs in building a house. We know the historical types of wooden structures and basic carpentry tools. We will try manual wood processing, carving and drilling or grinding tools. We will prepare a clay screed from clay and straw, which we will plaster the walls woven with wicker. We find that almost every action our ancestors did in building the house — from laying the foundation stone to the first days spent in the finished dwelling — had to be done properly so that good spirits would not get angry and send disease or other suffering to its inhabitants. For future happiness, prosperity and protection were ensured by proper observance of various customs and ceremonies, which to this day, with a few exceptions, have completely disappeared. In addition, we will test our knowledge of the early medieval construction of the house by solving fun tasks and questions.