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Huns Party

open for all

There will be horse riding
It is going to be wild
It is going to be Huns-like

The stories about Attila and his horse-warriors are legendary. However, were they really that brutal and greedy as history tells us? The Urgeschichtemuseum MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya, not far from Vienna, shows all their aspects at the Huns Party: meet the Huns, listen to their music and stories and experience their craft – which you can try out yourself.
Like no other people in history, the horseback riders from the vast steppes of Central Asia mastered a special combat technique: the Huns could fire their arrows from horseback into all directions. This surprised their enemies, much to the success of the Huns. The horseback warriors will show at the Huns Party the enormous skill and precision needed for the fight from horseback.
Over 1.600 years after their storm over Europe, the stories about the Huns are still well known. Besides their fighting techniques, their culture was equally remarkable. The Huns Party brings both sides to life again!
The MAMUZ Castle at Asparn/Zaya changes its archaeological open-air area back into the Hun Times and lets 1.600 years almost disappear: the shows with horses show the Hun way of fighting, in the yurt camps there are tradespeople showing and selling their goods and the blacksmith, leather worker, bow builder and felt master can be looked over their shoulder.
The Huns Party offers many hands-on activities for large and small visitors alike, all themed with the everyday life of Attila and his horseback riders: shooting with bow and arrow, throwing axes or bola, making yurts and felting. The Huns read their future using Shagai bones – what do you think these bones will tell us today?
In order to immerse in the world of the riding nomads there is not only riding horseback and crafts, but also music. The drum rhythms of Kurul Dobosok, the extraordinary instruments and Mongolian singing of Sedaa tempt to enjoy the wonderful environment of the castle park.
The Huns Party at Urgeschichtemuseum MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya enchant with Hun-like flair, stories, music, craftspeople and hands-on program. This way, history lives forth in present times.