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Iron Age Cookery

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United Kingdom

Join historical food specialist Caroline Nicolay, from Pario Gallico - Historical Food and Crafts - to learn about the utensils, ingredients, recipes and techniques used to prepare everyday meals in Celtic Britain (2nd-1st century BC).

You will set up in one of our roundhouses for the day, discover the basic principles of recreating ancient meals from archaeological sources and work together to prepare a communal lunch over the open fire. The ingredients used  would have been available in the area at this time of the year during the Iron Age and the cooking utensils you will handle are replicas of ancient ones (clay pots, iron knives, wooden bowls...). The participants will cook several dishes (shared for lunch), make butter by hand, grind grain, make soft cheese and prepare sweet and savoury snacks including flatbreads flavoured with your own choice of spices. The aim is to discover and experience how food was cooked 2000 years ago on an open fire: from fire and heat management, using and maintaining iron knives safely, using the sole of a hearth, to cooking in clay pots easily without breakage.. Caroline will go with you through several ancient cooking techniques and take time to answer specific questions you may have. 

We try to accommodate everybody, so please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about allergies and diets! 

You need to let us know about any allergies / dietary requirements at least two weeks before the workshop, otherwise we cannot ensure that you will be able to eat what is cooked, which would be a shame. 

Drinks and snacks will be provided, lunch is cooked during the course, but if you feel more comfortable bringing your own food you are welcome to do so. 

Please bring: an apron if you need one, a pen and paper if you want to write down recipes and some food containers as you might want to take some of your creations home!