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Knight’s Tournament

open for all
Organised by
the Netherlands

With the death of the Dutch count William IV in 1345, the Hoekse and Kabeljauwse quarrels began in Holland, which lasted until well into the fifteenth century. The conflict began as a battle for the highest power in the county. This had not been clearly arranged after the death of William IV. William was succeeded by his sister, Margaret of Bavaria, but also her son, William V, got administrative power. This led to tensions and resulted in a war between the two in 1349.

The followers of William V were called Codfish, probably because in the Bavarian family coat of arms were blue diamonds, reminiscent of scales of a fish. Margaret's followers were then called Hooks, because with a 'corner' (hook) a cod caught.

Deputy knights of the Hooks and Cods come to Archeon to fight the dispute with the knight's tournament. Who do you support in the fight? Will you become a Hook or Cod?