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Knives out of Obsidian

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Course objective: We make two obsidian knives, one small and one large.

Course content: We learn printing and striking techniques for making tools from obsidian and stone. We print the blade out of obsidian and insert it in a wooden or bone handle. In addition to the large obsidian knife, we will also make a small pocket knife. We will work the handle out of black poplar bark, then a flint cut will be inserted into the long notch and with Birch pitch fixed. The handle can then be polished and rubbed with oil for embellishment. The total length of the pocket knife is approx. 10 cm. This tool is modeled on original finds from the pile dwellings of the Copper Age Mondsee culture over 5,000 years ago.

Historical background: Obsidian was already used in the Palaolithic period as a material for tools - such as arrowheads, knife blades or scrapers. Obsidian is a volcanic rock glass that is formed when lava cools rapidly. When processing the obsidian, sharp edges are created.

Instructor: Alexander Hobiger
Course duration: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Course costs: 50 euros
Material contribution: 50 euros