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Mammoth Days

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During Pentecost, on 28 & 29 May, it is the Mammoth Days at the Hunebedcentrum. The famous ice age giant takes center stage these days. There are therefore many extra activities around paleontology and the ice age, for young and old!

This year some of the Netherlands' most famous mammoth experts will take you back in time, when the Netherlands was a large cold grass plain where mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, cave hyenas and many more special animals felt perfectly at home. Be amazed by interesting demos and exciting lectures.

Or participate in one of the (children's) activities. You can view and hold real fossils. Maybe you have a fossil at home and you don't know exactly what it is? Take your find with you and have it determined by the scientists. Don't forget to go on a journey through the prehistoric park... during the 150,000 years of history you will meet our prehistoric people, who can teach you much more about prehistory.