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Medicine in the Middle Ages

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Would you go to the doctor in the Middle Ages? Where did you go when you were sick? Who could heal? 

If you were sick in the Middle Ages, it was due to an imbalance. The imbalance could be in the body, in the mind or in the universe. This imbalance needed to be brought back into balance.  

Man consisted of four fluids: blood, mucus, black and yellow bile. There had to be a balance between these fluids in order to be healthy and well. Each liquid possessed some properties and was cold, hot, dry or moist, respectively. Diseases or symptoms also possessed these cold, hot, dry and humid elements, and therefore disease had to be treated with an antidote. 

 At the Medieval Center, we like to focus on everyday things and ordinary life - where did you go when you were sick? Who could heal people? Many people believe that in the Middle Ages people could not operate on people or fix broken bones, but they could. Many experiences were made on the battlefields, where field surgeons had to do their best to patch the soldiers together. It was clear that a large number died when they did not have the great knowledge of hygiene and did not yet have antibiotics and medicine - but there were also people who survived, and it is seen, among other things, on skeletons, where bones have grown together after a bride.

 Experience the beard cutter, the doctor and the wise wife as they all recount their methods of healing and pain relief.