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Night of Celtic Fires

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In autumn, the archaeological outdoor area of ​​MAMUZ Castle Asparn / Zaya becomes the setting for one night for the mystical world of the Celts. Bold warriors, artisans and storytellers, Celtic music and culinary delicacies based on historical recipes promise an unforgettable visit. The high point is marked by spectacular showpieces based on historical traditions, which reflect the life of our ancestors in an entertaining and educational way.

When numerous torches light up the archaeological grounds of MAMUZ Schloss Asparn / Zaya (from 17:00), a magical atmosphere is created. Visitors big and small can experience history up close here when storytellers tell of long forgotten legends in the light of the fire and brave warriors demonstrate the Celtic martial art with sword and spear. In the historical dwellings, craftsmen provide insights into the arts of pottery, birch pitch production, forging and wool dyeing.

Guests can look forward to a varied program, authentic cuisine and impressive show pieces. The so-called Ritschert - a stew that was already made in the Iron Age - is boiled and served in large cauldrons over the fire. In addition, smokers and herbalists as well as old handicraft techniques such as sparking, embossing wood or rolling candles are offered for a sniff. Soft harp and flute sounds create an atmospheric ambience. An impressive fire show marks the festive conclusion.