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Nike – Тhe Game and the Victory

Event date: 
Saturday, 12 August, 2017
Organised by: 
Archaeological park Nicopolis ad Istrum (BG)
Kind of Event: 
for Public

Visitors to the festival will see re-enactments of Roman rituals, antique fashion, a slave market, gladiatorial games, demonstrations of Roman and barbaric weapons and battles from the period of the Daco-Roman and Romano-Gothic wars.
The traditional craft market will include Roman cuisine, demonstration of jewellery and ornaments, coinage and pottery.
The event will take place at the Archaeological park Nicopolis ad Istrum near the Nikyup village. The aim of the festival is to popularize this unique archaeological park. The festival this year is part of the cultural calendar of the Veliko Tarnovo municipality.

Тhe participants are:
# 'Asociatia Culturala Tomis' from Constanta, Romania
# 'Geto-Dacii sudcarpatici' from Piteshti, Romania
# 'Nova Roma' from Budapest Hungary
# Haemus – Centre of Scientific Research and Promotion of the Culture from Skopje, Macedonia;
# 'Mos Maiorum Ulpiae Serdicae' from Sofia, Bulgaria
# 'Dux Anticae' from Svishtov, Bulgaria
# 'Cohors II Lucensium' from Yambol
# 'Sitalk - historical reconstructions' from Plovdiv
# Association "The legacy of the nomadic civilizations" from Dobrich
# Reenactors and craftspeople from Bulgaria

10:00h Forum. Opening of the festival. Introductory speech regarding the history of the town and greetings towards the participants and guests. Introduction of the reenactment clubs and their parade through the town.
10:30h Roman street. Opening of the craft and commerce street. Jewelry, coinage, pottery. Tasting of Roman cuisine.
11:00h Roman and barbarian camps. Demonstration of Roman and barbarian equipment and formations. Archery and siege engines.
11:30h Roman and barbarian camps. Reenactment of the Costoboci invasion. A battle between romans and barbarians. March of the barbarians through the city towards the forum.
12:00h Forum of reenacting the city. A parade of Helvius Pertinax, general of emperor Marcus Aurelius, who issues an order for the building of defensive walls around the city. Thanks of the civil population, from the Archon and the demos. Adlocutio (speech) towards the army. A ritual of Jupiter. Appointing a new governor of Thrace. Sanctification of the legionary standards. An oath of the legionary. Retirement of a legionary veteran.
12:45h Reenactment of a Roman legal trial.
13:00h Antiquity fashion. Competition of the most original costume of a guest. A poster exhibition.
13:30h Gladiatorial games.
14:00h A game with the audience. Archery with bow and crossbow, spear throwing and roman darts. A quiz with rewards.
15:00h Reenactment of a late Roman period. The history of Wulfilla, baptizing of the Goths and the creating of the Gothic alphabet.
15:30h The Gothic migration during the reign of Emperor Valent and the Gothic uprising against the roman rule. Battles between Goths and Romans and the sacking of Nicopolis.

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