Calendar of Events

Nike – the Game and the Victory

Kind of Event
Market / Fair
Organised by
Association for Antique reconstructions "Mos Maiorum Ulpiae Serdicae (BG) / Veliko Tarnovo Municipality (BG)

The fifth edition of the festival of Late Antiquity "Nike – the Game and the Victory" will take place at the archaeological site "Nicopolis ad Istrum" near Veliko Tarnovo. This unique event for the region offers visitors a spectacular and educational demonstration of Roman and Goth equipment, crafts, and battle reenactment, as well as an opportunity to taste the Roman cuisine, participate in the traditional Antique fashion show, see the religious rituals, and end the evening with a Gothic funeral pyre and an open-air concert.

The festival is listed in the cultural calendar of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo since 2017, and promotes the unique archaeological site Nicopolis ad Istrum, along with the historical figure of the Arian bishop Wulfila, who developed the Gothic alphabet in order for the Bible to be translated into the Gothic language, and lived in this city through the second half of the IV century.

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