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Once upon a Time there was a Family

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Czech Republic

Life in an early medieval village

During a visit to a Czech rural household in the early Middle Ages, we will get acquainted with the daily activities of man in the distant past. We will know how the lives of children and adults differed from the current one. We will help with everyday tasks such as lighting a fire, grinding flour, weaving. We will see how people slept, what they ate and how they cooked, we will explore crops in fields and gardens as well as pets. We will find out what Dad did and what Mom did or if the children were still playing. We will know how to get a house into a fur coat, whether buckwheat can cook buckwheat or what it means when it says "it's for one bag". 

Chop the wood and light the fire with a flint, grind the flour and prepare pancakes, which we then bake together. Then we comb the wool wool, spin the thread and weave a decorative bracelet. We will also try working on a potter's wheel, we dig the gardens and mow the grass with a scythe or sickle. After work, we drum on a goatskin drum and play one of the period games. In addition, we will verify the knowledge gained from the lives of our ancestors by solving fun tasks and questions.

Repeat on 20 August.